It's All In The Details

It's All In The Details

As a stylist, your passion lies in bringing out the unique beauty of each guest who sits in your chair. Yet, it’s all too easy to fall into a color routine without considering the individuality of their hair. 

In the world of Natural Beaded Rows, the process should be more than just a repetition—it’s an art form.

In this transformation, we will explore the impact of even the smallest details and how tailored ISLA wefts can elevate the Natural Beaded Rows experience.Understanding their current hair state and listening to what it’s telling you is crucial. 

At NBR Education, we believe in committing to the outcome rather than repeating the same “partial foil” or formula you’ve used over and over on this client. 

Our guest, in the transformation here has a preference for a neutral side of platinum, steering away from an icy look, which can sometimes leave hair feeling darker and lackluster. 

Working with her stunning natural level 8 hair, we sought to break up any previous lines of demarcation. 

Employing a gentle lightener with 7 volume, we prioritized the health of her hair throughout the highlighting process. 

Once achieving the desired pale yellow hue, we proceeded to rinse, shampoo, and enhance her color using 7N in Shaded EQ to tap, along with 10VV + 10N Shades EQ for an all-over gloss.

Now, let’s unveil the secret sauce behind this stunning transformation—the carefully chosen ISLA wefts. 

With the selection of 10/8CBL9WBL, and 10N shades, we introduce three distinct colors into what might appear as an all-over platinum look. 

Why the variation, you might ask? 

Well, it’s the play of tone and depth that allows light to radiate through the hair, ensuring a perfect match when she leaves the salon and when she returns six weeks later.

It’s not just about choosing the right wefts, but how you tailor them to suit your client’s specific needs. 

This level of customization takes their experience with Natural Beaded Rows and your artistry as a stylist to a whole new level. 

ISLA hair, specifically designed for Natural Beaded Rows installations, complements the individuality of your clients’ hair and ensures they leave your salon feeling truly radiant.

Remember, it’s not just hair—it’s artistry in motion.

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