Created By Artists For Artists

Discover the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship with ISLA Hair, offering professional stylists premium tools and ethically sourced hand-tied hair extensions

At ISLA Hair, We Take Pride In Being a Premium Brand That Caters Exclusively To Exceptional Hair Stylists Who Have Mastered The Art of Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions.

Since Danielle began doing hair she was trying to answer one question, “What extensions would work best for someone like me?” That put her on a journey that lasted years and eventually came to be NBR, but there’s a secret you don’t know.

Danielle never wanted her own hairline...

Until she realized the quality of hand-tied hair was diminishing. More problems began to arise with other lines as time went on, such as;

  • Too much silicone
  • Terrible fading
  • Lack of density

At the end of the day, Danielle knew that in order to elevate the experience for the client and Artist she needed to create a hairline that could be trusted.

Two years later, ISLA was born. With colors and blends based on what the Artist, wanted!

Colors that fade on tone so no more having to deal with orange hair, more density per weft so you can use less hair per client, and hair insurance that allows you to exchange hair, even if it was cut or colored wrong.

Every year the ISLA line continues to evolve based on the feedback from students and clients. The extremely high standards held for NBR and ISLA also extend to our factories and sourcing.

ISLA is more than just a brand; it's a culture of action and philanthropy that works towards making the world a more beautiful place.

All hair sourced for ISLA is sold or exchanged freely and fairly.

Hair is always sold with consent, which means there is no exploitation, theft, or coercion.

ISLA Gives Back!

We support several philanthropic organizations that impact our sourcing economies and areas, including being Fair Trade Certified and Educate Girls.

All factories used by ISLA are held to a supplier code of conduct and participate in the UN Global Compact of Human Rights.

ISLA is Fair Trade Certified and supports Educate Girls, which helps girls in rural areas of India access education. By giving back to the communities that it sources materials from, we believe we can create a positive impact.

Our commitment to quality ensures that Artists receive the best possible experience and that they can trust ISLA for all of their hair extension needs!