Anticipating the Fade: How to Create a Flawless Blend

Anticipating the Fade: How to Create a Flawless Blend

When a guest says they don’t want warmth, hold up! More often than not, they’re hinting at a neutral tone rather than an arctic chill. 

Don’t play the guessing game; ask for more inspiration photos! Sharing visual references will get you and your NBR® guest on the same wavelength, ensuring you both have a clear vision of the desired outcome. 

Avoiding those awkward miscommunications is one key to success. 

The challenge is to ensure that everything still blends seamlessly even after 6-8 weeks, considering the natural fade that occurs over time.

 So, what should you do when clients express their desire to avoid warmth in their hair, but their natural fade tends to lean warm?


By mixing warm and cool ISLA® wefts or giving warmer wefts a cool-toned makeover. Voilà! The result? A flawless Natural Beaded Rows® blend that gives them the neutral hue they crave while also setting the stage for the inevitable fade.

When it’s time to introduce warmer pieces to your guests, prepare for a little drama. Match those faded undertones, spill the tea on your color-adjusting magic, and maybe even show them the toned piece. Build that trust!

Explain your process and expertise, and watch as your guests become your biggest fans. It’s all about communication!

Remember, YOU are the expert! By understanding your guests’ desires, embracing warm tones, and nailing that communication game, you’ll be slaying the hair fade game like a true hair magician.

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