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Color Ring

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The Isla color ring consists of 15 colors:10/8 WBL (Warm Blonde Mix)10N (Lightest Neutral Blonde)8/6WB (Warm Mixed Medium Brown)8N (Neutral Light Brown)5WB (Warm Brown)9WBL (Warm Dark Blonde)9/7WBL (Warm Mixed Dark Blonde)3N (Neutral)10/8CBL (Cool Blonde Mix)1N (Natural)*10P (Platinum)*6CB (Copper Brown)*6RC (Red Copper)*8G (Golden)* 6GWB (Golden Warm Brown)*Colors with * are new...

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The Isla color ring consists of 15 colors:
10/8 WBL (Warm Blonde Mix)
10N (Lightest Neutral Blonde)
8/6WB (Warm Mixed Medium Brown)
8N (Neutral Light Brown)
5WB (Warm Brown)
9WBL (Warm Dark Blonde)
9/7WBL (Warm Mixed Dark Blonde)
3N (Neutral)
10/8CBL (Cool Blonde Mix)
1N (Natural)*
10P (Platinum)*
6CB (Copper Brown)*
6RC (Red Copper)*
8G (Golden)*
6GWB (Golden Warm Brown)*

Colors with * are new additions as of September 2019. If you purchased a color ring prior to January 2020, note that 6N (Neutral), 8WB (Warm Brown) and 9N (Neutral Dark Blonde) have been discontinued.  Single color swatches for new colors are available for purchase of $5.00 to add to your color ring.