NBR Extensions Empower Men’s Hairstyles

NBR Extensions Empower Men’s Hairstyles

NBR extensions have revolutionized the world of extensions, offering a unique and empowering solution for not only women but also men seeking to enhance their look. 

As an artist, you’ve likely observed the incredible versatility and customization potential that NBR extensions provide. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore an NBR transformation that exemplifies how these extensions coupled with ISLA Hair can empower men’s hairstyles, giving them the confidence and style they desire.

One of the standout features of ISLA hair extensions is their ability to be completely tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. 

From custom coloring to placement of rows, ISLA Hair offers a personalized approach that ensures a seamless and natural look. 

In this transformation, Coach Amanda’s client had natural salt and pepper tresses, and they aimed to achieve a refined and distinguished look without coloring his natural hair. 

This attention to detail is particularly crucial when it comes to men’s hairstyles, as it allows for a subtle enhancement that complements their unique hair characteristics and desired outcome without looking like hair extensions. 

Amanda’s expertise in customizing wefts and color matching played a critical role in creating this result. 

By seamlessly matching the ISLA wefts with the client’s existing hair, Amanda provided a solution that enhanced their hairstyle while maintaining a natural appearance.

In the pursuit of perfect silvery highlights, Amanda employed a meticulous coloring process. 

By utilizing an 18” 10N ISL A weft and incorporating plenty of lowlights, she achieved the desired effect. 

Amanda rooted and low-lighted the wefts on both sides to ensure plenty of dimension. To add a touch of grey reflection, the remaining hair was toned with 10P Goldwell. 

Through this strategic coloring approach, Amanda successfully created silvery highlights, further empowering the client’s desired outcome.

Seamless blending is an essential aspect of any NBR transformation, and it holds particular significance for men’s hairstyles. 

Amanda’s commitment to perfection led her to meticulously add additional lowlights to ensure a flawless blend. 

In addition to using custom-colored 10N wefts, 3N and 3WB were also incorporated across two rows.

This attention to detail resulted in a hairstyle that appeared effortlessly natural, which is exactly what would get more men to rock hair extensions!

Natural Beaded Rows extensions have opened up new doors for men’s hairstyles, providing empowering solutions that boost confidence and style. 

Through the expertise of artists like Amanda Kelly, NBR transformations showcase the artistry and versatility that make these transformations truly remarkable. 

By tailoring the extensions to individual needs, employing strategic coloring techniques, and emphasizing seamless blending, NBR extensions elevate men’s hairstyles to new heights!

So, as you embark on your next NBR journey, remember the transformative power these extensions hold and the immense impact they can have on empowering men and women alike!

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